Hello everyone….

As I had said, two very popular New Delhi bloggers had come to our exhibition and they had loved the collection. Well we have been featured in their blog.

Shaily Khera is an amazing fashion and lifestyle blogger based in New Delhi. She blogs about everyday fashion, events, lifestyle, her love for Indian vintage etc. in her blog Confessionz of a Closet.

Bhawna Yadav is also another awesome fashion blogger who writes about her undying love for everything fashionable in her blog Muse

Check out Confessionz of a Closet – Twisted tales of Hauz Khas for the review!

Shaily Khera, wearing Anra tunic!

Photo courtesy - Confessionz of a Closet & Bhawna Yadav

We are so happy to be featured on Confessionz of a Closet!

Till next time!

Have a Happy Week Ahead!


Blog turns a year old….

It’s been a year I wrote my first post and I can say I have moved a long way since there.

I love that I have made new friends through this blog and have received new opportunities. I agree that I have been a little slow but that’s just a part of the process. I hope to grow more along with my blog, make more friends from across the world and I make a promise to take up blogging a little more seriously from now and work on it more.

Now taking a look at what has been happening…..

I bought a dress form UK size 12. I have been planning to get started with my own clothing line for a looong time now. So this is my first step towards that.

I had made this cropped jacket in my final year of college. I never had the chance to do a photo shoot. And since I had recently bought the dress form, thought it would be a good idea to showcase it.

My friend Anupriya DG of Chappals vs Stilletos who has a fabulous brand “Howrah Bridge” had come up with a line of cotton scarfs in some amazing retro prints. I had told her to keep one for me. And I finally got it.

And outfit post is in the cards.

I have started working on a concept. I have a lot of glass beads, sequins and glass cut-pipes and Vogue. Any guesses on what I’m making?

New ballerinas with cute bows on it.

Braided knit necklace

A lot of outfit posts are in working right now.

Be sure to check back in a couple of days.

Thanks to everyone who has supported/helped me in this one year.

Always judge a book by the cover….

When we meet someone for the first time, we create an image, a personality of how that person might actually be. Its funny how sometimes you can be totally amazed at how different the person is from your own imagination. And that’s why we say “Never judge a book by its cover”

But don’t we all thrive to make ourselves presentable at all times and show off something that we don’t actually have. Haven’t we all, at any time, tried to win someone just by the way we look.

So, I think its time we have a new rule – “Always judge a book by its cover”

Lets see how this works…Here are a few of my pictures from a few days back.

My sister took these in our backyard.

Top – Kappahl, Jeans –  Kraus, Bag – Thrifted, Earrings – Thrifted

What does my photograph tell you about me? Am I a funny person or a loner?

We might see a lot of amusing results…..

This runs true for blogs as well. When I visit a new blog, there have been many times when I haven’t bothered to look through the pages because the header image wasn’t exciting or maybe the background was dull. There are so many reasons.

 Speaking of blog layouts, even after a lot of changes, I am still pondering over my blog layout….any suggestions?