Hello everyone….

As I had said, two very popular New Delhi bloggers had come to our exhibition and they had loved the collection. Well we have been featured in their blog.

Shaily Khera is an amazing fashion and lifestyle blogger based in New Delhi. She blogs about everyday fashion, events, lifestyle, her love for Indian vintage etc. in her blog Confessionz of a Closet.

Bhawna Yadav is also another awesome fashion blogger who writes about her undying love for everything fashionable in her blog Muse

Check out Confessionz of a Closet – Twisted tales of Hauz Khas for the review!

Shaily Khera, wearing Anra tunic!

Photo courtesy - Confessionz of a Closet & Bhawna Yadav

We are so happy to be featured on Confessionz of a Closet!

Till next time!

Have a Happy Week Ahead!


Anra at Textures 2012

So as I was saying…We launched our first collection at Textures, a fashion exhibition, in Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi last week.

The response was very good! People loved the collection. We were fortunate to have Shaily Khera of Confessionz of a Closet and Bhavna Yadav of Muse~Me and u styled for eternity cover the event, which will be up on their blogs soon.

Here are some pictures of the event…

 Abhishek Basu of Calcutta Arts Club                                Anais Basu of Tia Pakhi

I had loads of fun and I am happy our first collection was well received.

Till next time…:-)

P.S. – You can see more exhibition pictures on my facebook page – here

une soirée à Paris

 The city of lights, romance, love, fashion, where else can you be but in Paris!

We only had one day in Paris and more than one thing had already gone wrong in that one day, so I will just end this with pictures taken all over the city.

Around the city!

Arc de Triomphe

Outside the Louvre

Notre Dame

Eiffel Tower

It seems that even the Gods believe in the strength of love that runs through the veins of the city!

Au Revoir

Photographs by : Urmita Das

Swiss Bliss!

 From the country that boasts of emperors, gods and goddesses, art and artists, we took off to a land that you have to experience first-hand before you even begin to speak about.

As a matter of fact, I was not really excited about visiting Switzerland. But as expected, I didn’t want to leave the place once I had seen it.

We were staying in Luzern, a city in the north-central part of Switzerland.

Luzern lies on the shore of Lake Luzern, with Mount Pilatus and Rigi, in the Swiss Alps, in close sight.

We stayed in a hotel close to the railway station which is also close to the boat station and the Museum of Art Lucerne.

The first day we took a sight seeing tour of the city.

The Hof Church

The Lion Monument

The Chapel Bridge

The next day, we went on the Mount Titlis tour.

Now I have to mention that I am very scared of heights, and to reach the top of the mount we had to take multiple cable cars which was not a very pleasant experience for me.

But looking down on the landscape, I guess I forgot about my fear.

And the view from the top is simply breathtaking.

And I am also not an adventure person like my sister, who forced me into doing this.

But I always go through this ‘scared at first-highly skeptical about doing it-perfectly regretting while going through it’ phase to completely loving it phase where I want to re-do the whole thing. This generally happens whenever I do something new.

The day after, we went to look for the dragon on Mount Pilatus.

The mount can be reached by boarding the world’s steepest cogwheel train.

Pilatus was named after the local legend that claims that Pontius Pilate was buried here.

Pilatus also has the longest summer toboggan track in Switzerland.

 That is my lovely sister, my in-house model, and the photographer on this trip, Urmita Das

 And that’s me!

Well, it was not easy to capture these.

I will definitely say that this is something that nobody should miss!

Auf Wiedersehen

Photographs by : Urmita Das and Me

Milano…il mio amore!

Milan! Home to many famous and emerging fashion designers, this city offers a blend of historic as well as strikingly new architecture.

We reached Milan around 11 AM and since we had only the day in the city, we quickly took off on a hop on hop off bus ride.

Our first and only stop – The Duomo

The Duomo is the largest Gothic church in the world.

Constructed out of a pink-tinged marble, the massive structure has 135 spires and countless flying buttresses.

I had always imagined that I would absolutely faint the day I will actually see the Duomo.

Well, I didn’t faint but I was unquestionably awestruck by the magnificence of this cathedral.

Standing in front of the Duomo, you can actually feel its presence!

Access to the cathedral is through five huge bronze doors that are decorated with reliefs.

This exceptionally large monument is laid out in the heart of the city, with streets either radiating from or encircling it.

The interiors of the cathedral is full of stained choir windows depicting scenes from the lives of saints.

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is also known as ‘Il Salotto di Milano’ – the living room of Milan; since it became the most favored meeting place in the city.

The impressive building is a five story arcade with a glass and iron roof, home to many designer outlets, cafes, and restaurants.

Enchanted by the beauty of the Duomo and the Galleria, we took our bus ride around the city crossing all major sights and shopping areas in the city.

As much as I wanted to stay another day in the fashion capital, we had to leave as this was our last day in Italy!

Photographs by : Urmita Das

The leaning tower of PISA…

Florence, the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany, lies on the river Arno and is known for its art, architecture and cultural heritage.

We reached Florence in the morning and immediately left for our tour to Pisa.

The leaning tower of Pisa is one of the four buildings that make up the cathedral complex in Pisa, known as Campo dei Miracoli or the Field of Miracles.

The tower is built completely out of white marble.

The Duomo di Pisa is probably one of the most beautiful churches of the world. Built in true Pisan-Romanesque style of architecture, the cathedral is covered in white marble and stone.

The four rows of arches seen above were inspired by Moorish architecture.

One out of the three entrance doors to the cathedral, made completely in bronze and covered in beautiful relief depicting biblical stories.

The interiors of the cathedral, mostly decorated in Renaissance art.

The Duomo di Pisa is definitely a beautiful site, the most striking feature being its massive exteriors.

The next morning we were on the train to Milan.

Photographs by : Urmita Das

The city of canals….

 We reached Venice, the city of canals, as we know it; around noon.

After a little rest in our hotel and some information from our receptionist, we again had the opportunity to indulge ourselves with some Italian delicacies like pizza con verdure (pizza with vegetables), pizza con patate fritte (with French fries), salmon al forno (baked salmon), verdure miste e cotte (mixed vegetables) accompanied with red wine and peach juice, followed by cappuccino.

We had the day at our leisure so we decided to start off with the ever popular ride on the Gondola.

The gondola takes you around the city through its narrow canals all the way till the Grand Canal, crossing beautiful houses with bouquets of flowers on the windows, and the colors of the houses just seem entrancing.

The gondolier will make sure that you have a great time on the gondola, giving you all the necessary information about the city.

Well, after the gondola, we decided to walk around the streets and see if we could get some souvenirs.

All around Venice, you will find shops selling Venetian masks, theatre costumes and props. My sister and I tried a few but ended up buying only a mask magnet to be rightfully placed on our refrigerator back home.

Shortly after, we came upon a store selling leather bags.

And I ended up buying this cute sling bag for my friend.

Venice also has an array of old buildings and churches. We walked around the Maddona Dell’Orto.

The red brick structure is known to be the parish church of the famous artist Tintoretto and contains many of his notable works of art. Also, the structure was built in a Gothic style of architecture.

The next day we had a tour of the three islands around Venice; Murano, Burano and Torcello.

The boat ride was from St. Mark’s Square.

The Basilica di San Marco is by far the finest example of Byzantine architecture in the world and is one of the most famous churches in Venice.

The Piazza San Marco also has an open market where you can buy any amount of things ranging from inexpensive souvenirs to high end designer stuff.

My sister could not help buy an absolutely fabulous leather belt from Guess to be worn with her ‘dress’ in Milan.

My apologies for not mentioning earlier. Throughout Italy, you cannot walk around the streets and not indulge in Gelato. There are gelato shops everywhere and the flavors vary from shop to shop. My favorites French Vanilla, Chocolate, Stracciatella, Tiramisu, and Caramel.

We left for our Murano, Burano and Torcello tour at around 2:30 PM and our first stop was Murano, an island famous for its glass blowing factories. We were taken to one such factory where we got a demonstration of manual glass blowing.

Our next stop was Burano, another island off the coast of Venice, which is famous for its handmade lace. All around you can see shops selling exquisite lace products and if you go inside one of these shops, you can meet the woman making the lace. The houses in Burano are even more colorful than in Venice.

After the fascinating lace experience, we take off for the third island, Torcello.

The Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta is the oldest on the Venetian lagoon and the interiors is decorated with mosaic of Ventian-Byzantine style.

Having seen the three islands, we then returned to Piazza San Marco, to take a closer look at the Basilica.

You can see the interior has been completely done in mosaic in a Byzantine-Gothic inspired style. Gold, Bronze and a lot of other stones can be seen in the ornamentation of this basilica.

After the endless photographic session, we finally sat at a nearby bistro and ordered food; pizza calzone, a huge version of the normal calzone, spaghetti pomodoro (with tomato salsa), pizza with four different types of meat, fried chicken followed by cappuccino. And we were greeted by an orchestra of musicians who played among other songs a Hindi song!

Next morning, we took a train to Florence.

Photographs by : Urmita Das

Con l’amore, l’Italia!

Recently, I went on a vacation to Italy, Switzerland and Paris, with my family.

We started off in Palermo, Italy!

Palermo lies on the northwestern coast of the island of Sicily.

A reasonable mix of Byzantine, Arab, Norman, Renaissance and Baroque architecture, including palaces, castles, and churches, the city has a lot to offer.

But we were on a slightly tight schedule. After reaching the hotel at around 9 PM, we went out for dinner at a nearby restaurant, and we had a sumptuous Italian dinner of fettuccine pasta, shrimp risotto and red wine.

The next day we took a hop on hop off tour of the city. Our hotel was close to the Teatro Politeama, which is located on Piazza Ruggero Settimo, in the center of Palermo.

We passed by the Teatro Massimo, Quatro Canti, Orto Botanica, finally stopping at Palazzo Realo di Palermo.

The royal palace of Palermo contains the Capella Palatina. The Chapel is an excellent example of the Arab-Norman-Byzantine style. The interior of the Chapel is enclosed by a mosaic of millions of gold tiles representing many stories.

After our short and exciting experience of 12th century Byzantine art, we stopped for lunch at a nearby bistro where we had baked chicken, Fried squids, and Grilled Swordfish followed by cappuccino.

After the hearty meal, we went for our next adventure at the death museum in Palermo, The Catacombe dei Cappucini.

The museum holds thousands of mummies of Sicilians, buried in the Cappucin catacombs which contained a preservative that helped mummify the dead bodies.

The mummies remain unharmed. You can still see bits of hair, their clothes give a clear indication of their professions.

Our next stop was the Duomo di Palermo.

Like many other Sicilian monuments, the cathedral displays a wide variety of architectural styles.

 From Gothic to Catalan to Islamic inspired, this stands as the most distinguishing feature of the cathedral.

Inside the cathedral lie the tombs of many of the Sicilian kings.

Me outside the cathedral.

Our short while in Palermo ended with an authentic Chinese dinner of prawn chips, chicken and corn soup, Chinese noodles, fried rice, prawns in Chinese sauce and fish in Chinese sauce.

The next morning, we took a flight to Rome and continued to Venice.