What Now?

With the pressure of the exhibition and the launch of my label gone now, I got some time to relax and think about the bigger question …… What next?

Although I haven’t figured that out yet, I thought it would be a nice idea to share the collection here.

Anra dress

This cute little dress in yellow and maroon combination is perfect for this festive season. It has two shades of yellow and maroon straps, with detailing in two shades of green.

Anra dress

This little yellow dress, has a cute collar and keyhole at the back. Made in pure cotton with beautiful hand woven motifs all over, this makes for a festive wardrobe staple.

Take a look at all the other pieces from the collection on our Facebook page – Anra

You can now order Anra online at Indiebazaar!

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Have you heard of Globus?

Globus is an amazing clothing brand with almost 30 stores across India, which sells a wide range of clothing products like women’s & men’s casual wear, ethnic wear, basic staples to accessories etc. The clothes are really fabulous with an international appeal, Indian sensibility and overall a lot of style!

 I guess that’s a lot for introduction. Now let’s get to the point…

A few weeks back I was invited to review the Autumn Winter 2012 collection of Globus….So I went to the store in Kolkata last week to check out the amazing clothes!

Unlike other major multi-brand outlets in the country, Globus sells its in-house brands Globus and F-21 majorly, apart from a few other eminent brands, for women as well as men! Its uniqueness is that they provide high-end fashion at affordable prices.

This year’s Autumn Winter Collection for women has modern designs in trendy prints as well as western looks in ethnic detailing. The collections are derived from a lot of different stories like Borders of Bharatnatyam, Bandhej, Moroccan, White Story, Urban Nomad etc which are all reasonably priced. The collection ranges from smart casual western wear to ethnic kurtis to the very chic colored denims, harem pants and printed leggings; along with pretty dresses with girly details to sequined dresses for all your evening wear needs.

Florals, checks or the retro polka dots, Globus keeps international trends in mind!

Got a date? Slip into an LBD. Choose from sequinned dresses to lace tops!

Who said ‘desi’ was boring?

The men’s collection included checked and striped shirts in unique color combinations and one-liner and graphic t-shirts, together with colored denims, smart tailored trousers to festive suits for those special occasions.

As if this was not enough, they also have all your accessory staples; ranging from statement necklaces to earrings, bags and satchels in myriad colors.

Wait! They have more! Take a look at what else is in store for you in the coming months at Globus!

Great news for the fashionistas, you can also shop the new collection online on the newly revamped website here.

Globus seems to be a perfect place to shop with friends, family or loved ones without having to feel that you are dragging your partners with you unnecessarily as they can also have a great time shopping for themselves!

So what are you waiting for? Get to the nearest Globus store in your city or shop online!

Happy shopping at GLOBUS!

Beetles on my neck….

My mom and dad’s birthday fall one day after the other so since my sister was leaving the next day, we decided to take them out to dinner on day after mom’s birthday! We went to ‘Aaheli’, a beautiful restaurant serving authentic bengali cuisine in the most homely atmosphere.

The food was delicious like home-made food and the hospitality was superb.

So I was wore my black skinny jeans with my Vero Moda black blouse.

The detailing on the blouse is not visible so I took this picture from a website.

Image from www.tiastar.com

Can you make out what am I wearing around my neck? Here’s a closer look…

My brand new Zara necklace that my sister gifted me….! I love the beetles and the colors on them! You can find it here!

Hope you all are having a fabulous week!

An amateur’s guide to wine tasting!

Four Seasons Wines had recently hosted a food and wine tasting event inviting all city bloggers for a luncheon at the amazing Oasis Restaurant at Park Street, on 28th July 2012.

I had tasted red wine before but I never really understood what the hype was about! Nevertheless, I was very excited when I was invited for the event. Part of my excitement was also because this was going to be my first meeting with all the other city bloggers.

The invite!

The bloggers – (L-R) – Swarnali Das, Anupriya DG, Ayantika Bhattacharya, Sayantani Saha, & Me

Also the one who took this picture – Debiparna 

And also Shayoni!

We were welcomed at Oasis by the owner, Mr. Pratap Darayani and Four Seasons Wines representative, Mr. Peter Mitter and once we were all seated and served with platters of snacks, we all got to doing what we love so much…clicking pictures! We were so engrossed in talking and laughing that the wait for former Miss Earth, wine connoisseur and our host that afternoon, Miss Shamita Singha went unnoticed.

Before our enriching session with Miss Shamita had begun, Mr Peter Mitter enlightened us on his knowledge on wines.  He is one of the founding members of the Calcutta Wine club, the first and only one of its kinds in Kolkata.

Wine has much more to it than taste. It’s an experience which brings together all your senses. This is where the 4S come in to the picture – See, Swirl, Smell, & Sip!

The first sense – sight! You hold the glass against some source of light to see the color of the wine. The color of the wine gives you the age of the wine. A bright raspberry red color or a pale green to yellow is a typical young wine while a rich brick like color or a deep golden is an old variety. While you are at it, you can also feel the weight of the wine as in whether it’s a lighter or a heavier type. Then you swirl the wine in your glass, a table as a support would be helpful.

The second sense – smell! The purpose of swirling the wine is to let the aromas come out. You bring the glass close to your nose to get a whiff of the flavors infused in the wine. You might get a varied mix of aromas ranging from fruity and spicy, to woody and musty. You also start to paint a mental picture of the place origin of the wine.

The third sense – sound! This is a small part where you clink your glasses and say cheers.

The fourth sense – taste! And now you take a large sip and roll it in your mouth so that you coat your mouth completely with the wine and you can taste it entirely. You can feel the lightness or the heaviness and also the after taste or finish of the wine.

Now let’s come to what happened at the event. We had assembled to learn how to pair the right type of food with the right type of wine. The general rule here is white wine for white meat and red wine for red meat. But there’s more to it.

The lovely Shamita Singha telling us about the wines!

We started off with Four Seasons Chenin Blanc which was paired with Veg Wontons and Herb Infused Chicken Reshmi Kabab. The Chenin Blanc has a pale yellow color with lighter aromas of citrus fruits. Due to its lighter taste it pairs well with light foods like appetizers or snacks.

For the main course we were served Grilled Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce with Garlic Bread, Fries and steamed vegetables. This was paired with Four Seasons Viognier which is a little dry and has a pale gold color and tropical fruity aroma. This also has a smooth lingering finish. This pairs well with medium bodied, mildly spiced dishes as this is slightly heavier than the Chenin Blanc.

We went on to dessert with Brownie with Vanilla Ice cream paired with Four Seasons Blush Wine. This has a pretty salmon pink color and hints of floral scents and it works best with desserts or sweets.

Finally we also had a taste of Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Cabarnet Sauvignon Wines which is a deep purple colored dry red wine. It smells of rich blackcurrant and spices, and has a smoky woody aroma and has a rich lasting finish. This red works very well with very heavy bodied dishes like barbecues, or very spicy tandoor recipes.

My favorite was the Four Seasons Viognier, the reds might take some more time to get used to!

I am highly grateful to Four Seasons Wines, Mr. Akshay Gopal and Mr. Peter Mitter for organizing this wonderful event,  Mr. Pratap Darayani for the lovely venue and food and Miss Shamita Singha for taking time to enlighten us on the beauty of wines.

Four Seasons was generous enough for gifting each one of us a bottle of Shiraz red wine.

The afternoon was simply perfect with the right food, the great wines, the amazing hosts, and the fabulous ‘us’!

Images courtesy – Anupriya & Debiparna

From my mother’s closet…

I had mentioned in my last post that I was working on a concept. Well, for a long time I have been fascinated by a lot of Indian crafts. And the other day while ransacking my mother’s wardrobe, amongst all her lovely sarees, I found one that was very unique to my eye. It was a usual cotton woven saree which we call as ‘taant’ in Bengali. A pale pink base with the design woven in a deep ink blue. And as I have always loved wearable fashion, an idea popped into my head.

I love the way the threads are woven so intricately to create such amazing designs.

Well here’s the full shot!

Its a straight cut sheath dress with a little metal at the back.

Well I hope you liked what you saw. Do let me know if I can improvise on anything!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!

Blog turns a year old….

It’s been a year I wrote my first post and I can say I have moved a long way since there.

I love that I have made new friends through this blog and have received new opportunities. I agree that I have been a little slow but that’s just a part of the process. I hope to grow more along with my blog, make more friends from across the world and I make a promise to take up blogging a little more seriously from now and work on it more.

Now taking a look at what has been happening…..

I bought a dress form UK size 12. I have been planning to get started with my own clothing line for a looong time now. So this is my first step towards that.

I had made this cropped jacket in my final year of college. I never had the chance to do a photo shoot. And since I had recently bought the dress form, thought it would be a good idea to showcase it.

My friend Anupriya DG of Chappals vs Stilletos who has a fabulous brand “Howrah Bridge” had come up with a line of cotton scarfs in some amazing retro prints. I had told her to keep one for me. And I finally got it.

And outfit post is in the cards.

I have started working on a concept. I have a lot of glass beads, sequins and glass cut-pipes and Vogue. Any guesses on what I’m making?

New ballerinas with cute bows on it.

Braided knit necklace

A lot of outfit posts are in working right now.

Be sure to check back in a couple of days.

Thanks to everyone who has supported/helped me in this one year.

Versace for H&M…

“A Vogue Idea”

I guess everybody’s aware of the Versace for H&M collection that will launch in a couple of days.

I hadn’t actually seen the collection up till now. And I’m not sure how much I like it.

I mean some of the pieces are nice but I’m not really sure about the palm prints!

So, here’s what I liked and I also created some looks…

I have really started to like the red-turquoise combination. The draped red dress is very glamorous and the vest is really hot!

The jacket has quilted details on the yoke and sleeves, gold-colored zip at front and cuffs and gold- and silver-colored studs at the hem. I think it would work very well with the gold metal mesh dress.

Initially I thought that the bling was too much but I think it’s really keeping up with Versace’s sensibility!


The bustier is made with patterned silk and has cut-out and decorative gold-colored buttons at the back. The skirt is in silk with gold- and silver-colored studs.

In my opinion, the Greek border at the hem looks fabulous. And I love the back of the bustier.

Take a look at their campaign. I really liked it.

See the entire collection…

Well, I would have really liked to see a more toned down collection because I feel this collection is too extreme as far as H&M is concerned. Although it does justice to Versace!

What do you feel about the collection? ‘Too out there’ or ‘I guess it could work’?

The Statement necklace!

“A Vogue Idea”

Talk about trends and talk about accessories; I know what comes to your mind – ‘statement necklace’!

It’s the thing right now. Everybody’s wearing it, every store has it, and you can even get it in street markets throughout the world.

And it has always been there around us but seems like we just started noticing!

If I look back into my History of World Costumes class, the costume that always intrigued me was of Egypt. The women wore a sheer linen cloth draped around their body paired with the impressive jeweled collar or the Usekh collar. I guess that is the start of statement necklaces. I believe that for a woman, to demand attention and respect from her subordinates, it is very important that along with her striking personality, her outfit should also have an impact on the people, and that is exactly what the Egyptian women’s attire did!

Think about all the tribes across the world. Their clothes are pretty simple, and in some cases there are no clothes. But what seems mandatory in all of them is the use of jewelry. Every tribe is known for their style of ornamentation. And the beautiful thing is that since they are not exposed to luxurious materials, they creatively use whatever is around them to make adornments.

India has had royalties as well as tribes, which means we have a lot of styles of jewelry at our disposal. Isn’t it amazing how a necklace created almost 50 years ago in Gujrat, looks so contemporary and modern!

 This beautiful necklace made in the 1920’s in Himachal Pradesh, was worn as a charm for wealth and fortune. It was made with real British Indian Silver Rupee. If that doesn’t make a statement then what does?

And far along the north east India, tribal women use natural items to beautify themselves. The neck pieces shown here one made from shells and beads and the other from the teeth of buffalo, both dating back to the 20th century. I know I would love to own these pieces because they really make a statement!

Now this was just a prologue to today’s Vogue idea, because while going through a lot of websites and blogs, I found someone from my own city with a very quirky Indian taste in clothing, who also happens to make some very fancy but head turning jewelry.

So let me introduce you to….

Polka Princess, creator of the blog “chappals vs stilletoes”

Check out her blog here – http://stripesandpolkas.blogspot.com

I really like the way she mixes up different elements of clothing together to create outfits, also the way she uses colors to brighten up an attire.

And even though she has to be formally dressed for her office, she will add some unique element to make an outfit stand out among the rest.

I think this picture best explains her quirky Indian style. The way she has teamed up an ethnic printed leggings with a casual tunic, and add to that the colorful bangles, in my opinion it is very Indian and yet has a very international appeal to it. I think the mustard, fuchsia and the cyan works very well!

Now, what really fascinated me about her blog is that she makes these amazing pieces of jewelry and the line is called Howrah Bridge!

And I’m obsessed about it.


And my favorite piece! The statement necklace!

You can find more pieces here – http://shophowrahbridge.blogspot.com/

There was a day when I would take out a dress from my wardrobe and team it up with some accessory. But today, I pick up a statement necklace and pair it with a dress and I go out there and I make the statement!

Ref: – http://rabari.co.uk/index.asp

A Vogue Idea…

It is getting pretty boring around here. I know…!!!

I got to thinking and thinking and then it popped into my head! I have got to do something.

So, here it goes…

Starting in a-few-days, every week I will post about an interesting fashion blog/website or something interesting fashion-wise. It will be a new category of posts called “A Vogue Idea…”

I hope the people flipping through my blog casually just to see what there is without actually leaving any indication whether they liked it or not will appreciate this!